Breed Village

The NBDC Breed Village at UK Dairy Day featured breed societies and practical demonstrations.

Representatives from the following breed societies attended:

Practical Demonstrations

Practical demonstrations were led by Andrew Spicer and members of the NBDC Classification team and focussed on the Ayrshire, Jersey and Holstein breeds at each session to provide the audience with an opportunity to learn more about the services offered to dairy farmers.

Each demonstration covered Type Classification, Linear Scoring and Virtual Cow Demonstrations. 

In conjunction with the Linear Scoring demonstration, a Virtual Cow demonstration ran on a TV screen. Virtual Cow, relaunched on 1st September, is an educational tool which graphically illustrates the linear scale for cow conformation traits. This allows for improved understanding of dairy cow conformation and easy visualisation of anatomical differences within each trait across the linear scale.

Sponsored by The National Bovine Data Centre (NBDC).

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