• Holstein UK Launches Approved Registered Cattle Scheme Providing Trust in the Authenticity of the Breed

    Representing a global standard in animal traceability, authenticity and knowledge, a brand new initiative ‘Approved Registered Cattle’ (ARC) mark is set to revolutionise Holstein and British Friesian breeds, with ambitions to roll the scheme out to all other dairy and beef breeds. Holstein UK is delighted to be launching Approved Registered Cattle this September at UK Dairy Day (Wednesday 12th).Th… ...more

  • Redefining Hydration and Gut Health NWF Agriculture Launches Exclusive TechMix Range at UK Dairy Day

    Ruminant feed manufacturers NWF Agriculture, launches four new products as part of its TechMix range. Specifically developed to redefine hydration and gut health to keep your cattle drinking, eating and producing, the new range includes two products for adult cattle - Fresh Cow YMCP and Rumen Yeast Caps plus two products for calves - Calf Renova and Bluelite Replenish.The products are formulated a… ...more

  • Autumn Drilling Offers Opportunities to Bridge Forage Gaps

    Autumn 2018 offers many dairy farmers more opportunity than usual for late-season establishment of perennial or hybrid ryegrass, with leys drilled in the coming weeks offering the potential to accelerate the rebuilding of depleted forage stocks.This was the message from forage experts Germinal at UK Dairy Day, where the company highlighted an early maize harvest and prolonged warm soil temperature… ...more

  • New and Improved Virtual Cow Breeding Tool to Benefit Dairy Breeding

    Holstein UK is delighted to announce the re-launch of its Virtual Cow educational and breeding model that will help dairy farmers. Previously only exclusively available to Holstein UK members, now the new, refreshed and improved Virtual Cow platform is available for all dairy farmers to access from the main Holstein UK website and it comes with additional features such as updated navigation and li… ...more

  • Feed management a hot topic at UK Dairy Day

    Visitors to this year’s UK Dairy Day will have the opportunity to find out how careful feed management can help increase control of business performance.As part of the event’s technical seminar line-up, Ian Leach, supply chain programme director at Alltech, will present on-farm strategies to improve the level of feed efficiency, focusing on increasing digestibility and reducing contamination and w… ...more

  • Wynnstay talks new approach to protein at UK Dairy Day 2018

    A pioneering new nutritional approach to protein formulation within dairy diets will be presented by Wynnstay at this year’s UK Dairy Day, being held on 12 September at the International Centre in Telford, Shropshire.As part of the technical seminar line up, Iwan Vaughan, head of dairy technical services at Wynnstay, will discuss the Wynnstay AminoMatch nutrition approach.“AminoMatch offers an alt… ...more

  • NEW Nettex Colostrum Gold: Colostrum the way nature intended.

    Nettex Colostrum Gold is a new colostrum supplement made from 100% natural colostrum sourced exclusively from high health status UK herds, ensuring your calves are able to thrive from day one no matter the challenges they face.Maternal colostrum is more than just the “first milk” – it’s a complex biological liquid formed in the udder before calving providing the calf with essential nutrition which… ...more

  • DeLaval Launches New Rotary E100 in UK & Ireland

    Carlow, Ireland , Friday, 17th August – The DeLaval Rotary E100 has been launched in the UK and Ireland. The new DeLaval E100 rotary is focused around the four customer challenges: Animal welfare, milk quality, farm profitability and work efficiency.As a market leader in rotary systems, DeLaval has gained years of experience to design the next generation of rotary parlours. Understanding modern da… ...more

  • Less than one month to go to UK Dairy Day 2018!

    Less than one month to go until UK Dairy Day 2018 – the UK’s must-attend day of dairy discovery. Join the dairy buzz on Wednesday 12th September at the International Centre, Telford for the 5th annual dairy trade event. View online the businesses attending, cattle show classes, practical demonstrations and seminars.Open from 8am to 5.30pm the event brings together all facets of the dairy industry;… ...more

  • New vaccine launched to help in the fight against calf pneumonia

    2018 marks the final phase of a five-year AMR strategy (antimicrobial resistance) project which the farming industry, vets and policy makers have been part of with the aim of looking at how to best meet agreed AMR commitments. A fantastic start was made with a 27% reduction in antibiotic use in farm animals recorded in the two years to October 2017. Following this, RUMA (Responsible Use of Medicin… ...more