Share Knowledge and Innovation at UK Dairy Day

With just over one month to go, plans for the UK's premier dairy event, UK Dairy Day are really taking shape.  

UK Dairy Day is fortunate to have support from across the industry; principal partners for 2016 include Cogent Breeding, NWF Agriculture, Eprinex, Barclays and Holstein UK. Returning to the show this year is the 'Sharing Knowledge' zone.

This dedicated area includes two seminar areas running from 10am to 4pm, with a captivating line-up of speakers who will be stimulating thought and debate. Listen to cattle lameness expert Roger Blowey as he discusses findings relating to the 5 Point Plan for Control of Digital Dermatitis. At a time of tight margins the promotion of your team, the business and commercial offer is vital to staying ahead of the field. With this is mind Anglia Farmers will be presenting on the importance of marketing.

The Tenant Farmers Association will be addressing the issue of succession - when to start the conversation about handing on the farm and how to engage all members of the family in the process. Also in the line-up will be two presentations on the theme of BVD and Marco Winters of AHDB will be developing our knowledge of genomics - a topic we will be sharing a lot more about with visitors to the day.

If you want to know more about the latest in herd health, cow comfort, nutrition alongside features on how to promote your business, make sure you visit the Sharing Knowledge Zone. In addition, engage in practical demonstrations including foot trimming, knife sharpening and 'Beneath the Black and White Cow' anatomy painting.

UK Dairy Day 2016 is a Dairy Pro accredited event; coming along to the day to 'Share Knowledge' across the industry will gain you two points, one for Livestock Production Systems (LP) and the other for Business Management (BM). While at the event there are several other opportunities giving you the potential to gain a further ten points - making the day worth the maximum achievable for a single day's learning under the scheme.

A 'Knowledge Trail' organised in partnership with Dairy Pro and NFYFC will flow around the whole event with various stands and activities around the venue being 'pointed'. This trail will include the Sharing Knowledge Zone and its seminars, the demonstration areas and numerous interactive quizzes organised with Dairy Pro training partners. We will provide all with a map showing where the training partners and activities are happening to aid you in making the most of the ‘Sharing Knowledge’ opportunities on the day. Don't worry if you're not signed up to Dairy Pro before you come to UK Dairy Day, the scheme will have a stand in the Sharing Knowledge Zone where you will be able to sign up and discuss your and your teams training needs.

The countdown is now on and the UK Dairy Day team look forward to welcoming visitors on Wednesday 14th September 2016.