Complete Dairy Solutions with Plevnik

COMPLETE DAIRY SOLUTIONS. With Plevnik equipment.

PLEVNIK d.o.o. is an engineering and manufacturing company with 28 years of experience and over  60 employees. Our partners see us as a top producer of dairy equipment and turnkey dairy solution.  We export 95% of our products to European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, …) and the rest of the world. Main products categories: Milk and cheese equipment (pasteurizers, cheese kettles, presses, pre-presses, butter churns, …containers), food processing, milk cooling and brewery equipment. Our devices are designed and manufactured for long-term use.  

We equip more than 300 dairies each year.  Visit us at UK dairy day, Innovation Zone, N5

Plevnik cheese kettle with copper inside

Copper is a traditional material in cheesemaking and has been used for a long time. Plevnik is presenting a cheese kettle with copper inside SKH-Cu. The kettle enables a traditional way to produce different types of cheese using modern equipment. The copper inside helps suppress pathogenic organisms in milk. Final products have a special, unique taste.

New cheese press with draining and prepressing function: Plevnik POS

Plevnik is presenting a brand-new product – pneumatic cheese press with draining function POS. It is a cheese press with integrated draining table that enabled draining, prepressing and pressing of cheese mass with one device. POS is a perfect solution for cheesemakers who process smaller quantities of milk (up to 500 l/day) and need a cheese press.

Draining, prepressing and pressing using one device: a three-in-one device enables optimum use of space – a perfect solution for smaller dairies.

New device for continuous pasteurization: Plevnik flow pasteurizer PP

Plevnik flow pasteurizer PP is the right solution for producers with larger batches of drinking milk and other dairy products. It is a brand-new product for continuous pasteurization from 300 to 3.000 l/h. The pasteurization runs in accordance with all standards – at higher temperature in shorter time. It does not affect the flavour of final product. The production is up to 3 times faster compared to batch production. Plevnik flow pasteurizer uses up to 12 times less energy for pasteurization of drinking milk and up to 3 times less energy for yogurt or cheese production.

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