National Ayrshire Show Moooooves to UK Dairy Day 2017

The UK’s leading business event for the dairy industry, UK Dairy Day, is delighted to announce it will now welcome The National Ayrshire Show to its main event in September.

The National Holstein Show is already an established part of the Cattle Show at UK Dairy Day. With its own dedicated main ring, leading industry judges, superb line up of cattle and exquisite showmanship skills on display, the Cattle Show is an extremely popular feature of the day. This year the show attracted over 170 cattle entries; this included immaculate cattle from all breeds, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Dairy Shorthorn, Jersey and Holstein. UK Dairy Day 2017, taking place on Wednesday 13th September, will welcome The National Ayrshire Show as well as The National Holstein Show.

The National Ayrshire Show is organised by the Ayrshire Cattle Society. Formed in 1877, the Ayrshire Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland is a forward thinking, highly motivated breed society dedicated to keeping the Ayrshire at the forefront of modern dairying.

Duncan Hunter, Breed Manager for Ayrshire Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland commented; “Our National Ayrshire Show has become a huge event for our Society. For the last few years we have held our national show at Livestock Event in Birmingham. Due to some changes to the format and location of that event we have been looking for another event where we can promote ourselves to the industry with the facilities we need. I am delighted that following talks with the UK Dairy Day team, we have been welcomed and accommodated at this great event on the 13th September 2017. We will continue to encourage our very successful Young Breeders to come along to prepare and show animals for breeders who can't be there themselves. We look forward to working with UK Dairy Day and supporting the event as it continues to grow and flourish for the good of the whole dairy industry.” 

Hannah Williams, UK Dairy Day Event Manager, said; “UK Dairy Day is extremely pleased to be welcoming The National Ayrshire Show next year. The Cattle Show is a major part of our event. This year cattle entry into the show was free of charge and this saw an increase in the number of cattle entered. Next year we hope to attract even more breeders and exceed previous records. The calibre of cattle from all breeds is always outstanding and now with both The National Holstein Show and National Ayrshire Show, we know UK Dairy Day 2017 will be a parade of spectacular cattle.”