NEW Nettex Colostrum Gold: Colostrum the way nature intended.

Nettex Colostrum Gold is a new colostrum supplement made from 100% natural colostrum sourced exclusively from high health status UK herds, ensuring your calves are able to thrive from day one no matter the challenges they face.

Maternal colostrum is more than just the “first milk” – it’s a complex biological liquid formed in the udder before calving providing the calf with essential nutrition which is fundamental to survival, as well as its first crucial antibodies to fight potential infections in the first weeks of life.

A newborn calf needs energy in the first few hours of life to maintain its body temperature and enable it to stand and suckle. Maternal colostrum is high in fat, a rich energy source best suited for the calf’s needs, as well as critical constituents to newborn development such as growth factors, hormones, minerals and vitamins. The newborn calf requires all of these unique, naturally occurring maternal colostrum constituents in order to provide it with the essential building blocks required for a long and productive lifetime.

Calves are born with no circulating antibodies, the proteins that help protect and fight infection and disease. Maternal colostrum is a rich source of these antibodies and is vital in providing the growing calf protection from infections such as respiratory and gut diseases. These infections will have direct costs to treat as well as long termdetrimental impact on lifetime production, impacting growth rates and even milk production potential in the mature animal.

It is widely understood that in order that the newborn calf receives the full benefits of associated with high qualitycolostrum, the colostrum must be consumed within 6 hours of calving for physiological reasons. Unfortunately, in many cases this doesn’t always happen as colostrum quality and quantity can vary widely and calves often fail to suckle sufficiently in the key first 6 hours of life.

NEW Nettex Colostrum Gold is a natural high quality colostrum supplement sourced from Scottish dairy farms meaning it is ensured TB free status and a product complementary to UK farm environments. The raw colostrum is frozen at source and then dried using a unique process preserving all of the components of natural colostrum. This produces a unique, high quality colostrum product high in protein, colostral fat and growth factors as well as being tested for both safety and efficacy.

Supplementing the cow’s maternal colostrum with a colostrum product is often beneficial, and unlike other supplements and replacers which are based on skimmed colostrum with additives which aim to mimic maternal colostrum, Nettex Colostrum Gold is pure, full fat, dried bovine colostrum retaining all of the natural constituents unique to colostrum. Nettex Colostrum Gold is safe and effective, but is also convenient and available to use when you need it, at any time of night or day.

You only get one chance to maximise their potential.

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